Get Social

Crowd 600w

Stop in any time . . . on weekdays after work (we’re dog-friendly), on the weekends, to enjoy the big game, to hang out with your friends, and for a night of dancing to the band.

You are also invited to use the Old Winston for special events (meetings, charitable events, parties or any other special gathering you’re hosting). Contact us for more information.

We have some special events that you might enjoy including our turkey shoots, Superbowl Party and Potluck-a-Palooza, Fat Tuesday celebration, March Madness, St. Patrick’s day celebration, Mac-and-Cheese Fest, Kentucky Derby Party, tiki party, and so much more. Stay informed – sign up for our eblastfollow us on FacebookTwitter and register for our text-only specials (text OWSC to 71441). Come in, get social and join the fun. We look forward to seeing you soon!

At the Old Winston, we believe everyone should have a good time. Just follow our house rules: Respect our friends and neighbors in West End (we are guests in their neighborhood). Respect the facility. Respect the bartenders. Respect your fellow members. No drinking and driving; we’ll call you a cab. Respect the right to have a good time.

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